It was the forced lockdown, being under house arrest in the absence of a crime, distant and inexorably alone in a solitude not only spatial but above all existential, where the only window on the world was the internet, which gave birth to this new project by Romana Marzaduri titled " BEYOND THE MIRROR ". 

In an environment of freezing suspension, lost souls closed behind domestic walls in a forced stop, with a value of rediscovered silence and an unexpected opportunity to get in touch with one's heart, waiting for that coveted signal of return to normality - if at all we can really speak of normality - the vision of Romana, unassailable by the virus, creates these works that indicate that the mystery does not fit into the represented world but hides and pulsates behind it.

Magical realism, a way of feeling, a different choice of perceiving and interpreting everyday life, a refuge from a hostile world in the reality: deep to the increasingly true, to the fake.

Eight different women from the world of reality - seen through the mirror - take on the appearance of Superheroines dressed in their arcane charm.\ Capable of arousing curiosity and wonder in the observer and ready to save our sick world, these superheroines, fueled by photoatomic energy and mature by divine grace, are strong, resolute, courageous and absolutely perfect, ready to face this fate and act for the good of the group and in defense of the community. 

The Works have a single title but are numbered, as they represent a single concept and a single feeling, so as not to forget our nature as human beings. 


Romana Marzaduri